Mortgage loan PLN 350 thousand in the bank. Where to submit a loan application? Which bank should you choose? Use the mortgage search engine or check the list of banks and financial advisors.

Using the bank and mortgage search engine, you will first of all check what are the banks in which you can apply for a loan and make a quick simulation of loan installments. It is only a simulator of loan installments, because it allows you to quickly check how much the loan installment will be. The actual loan installment can be calculated only by a specific bank, because it depends not only on the offer itself, but also on our creditworthiness and credibility.

Mortgage PLN 350 thousand which installment

Mortgage PLN 350 thousand which installment

Essential things to remember before choosing a mortgage:

Own contribution

Currently, to get a mortgage for PLN 350000, you must have 20 percent of your own funds. It is possible to get a mortgage with own contribution at the level of 10 percent, but the condition is to insure part of the missing own funds. The vast majority of banks give loans with a 10% own contribution and insurance for this missing amount.


Mortgages granted in Swiss franc or in dollars (mortgage loans) are currently inaccessible. The mortgage loan in accordance with the financial supervision guidelines and the mortgage loan act must be granted in the currency in which the borrower earns income. This is a good solution because it protects the borrower against currency risk.


Not so long ago, the maximum period for which you could take out a mortgage was even 40 years. Today it is not possible, and the maximum mortgage term is 35 years. Remember, however, that the longer the loan period, the greater the amount of interest on the loan to be paid, and thus the loan is more expensive.

Mortgage 350,000 what earnings

Mortgage 350,000 what earnings

The income criterion is one of the most important factors taken into account when calculating the creditworthiness. To find out whether our earnings (alone or together with another person) are sufficient to obtain such a loan, it is best to contact one of the banks. We will then get precise calculations. Many important factors affect creditworthiness and it may turn out that our creditworthiness is 320,000. PLN and it will be necessary to look for a new apartment or hard negotiations …

A mortgage loan in Poland can be obtained virtually exclusively with a variable interest rate. What causes the amount of credit installment depends on the level of market interest rates. A mortgage loan of PLN 350,000 can be obtained with a fixed loan period, but the repayment period will be very short, e.g. 5-6 years. The loan installment will be very high compared to the loan installment, e.g. for 30 years and with variable interest rate.

Where is the best mortgage for the purchase of an apartment, home in the amount of PLN 350,000? It is always necessary to compare mortgage loans to choose the best one. Remember that the mortgage comparison engine is not a ranking of loans and does not calculate loan installments, but it is helpful when searching for banks and estimating installments.

Mortgage loan PLN 350 thousand: contact your bank (or banks) or your adviser to find out what your creditworthiness is, how much your loan installments will be and how your credit offer looks like.