Everybody can come into a situation where he needs a larger amount of money unprepared. Maybe the car is broken, or unpredictable bottlenecks make it inevitable to go to the bank they trust. With good credit, no problems are to be expected. But what about when you need credit without a steady income? What are the differences between the applicant and the regular income?

Under what conditions is the award of a loan without a fixed income possible?

The banks distinguish so-called, fixed income and irregular income. Regular income is salary or wages, pensions and income from rental income. If someone works freelance or self-employed, he has an irregular income. The annual income is average, the only problem is that it is irregular. Therefore, the banks are a bit scared and do not want to lend.

What can you do to get a loan without a fixed income?


There are some ways to get a loan. To contact a credit intermediary would be one of them. Not always these are dubious. There are also credit intermediaries who have good repute and are well versed in lending. You have already brokered loans to customers who have not believed in getting a loan yet.

You should be careful when an advance payment is required. That does not do a reputable company. It should also be noted that if you are below the income limit of 900 euros, you definitely need a guarantor. A guarantor is a person who assumes the installments in the event that the loan can not be paid.
However, the guarantor must also have an income of at least 900 euros.
So the loan without fixed income may still become reality.

You can also offer collateral

If there is nobody who can or wants to take on a guarantee, there is one last chance to get credit without a fixed income. You can negotiate with the bank.
And this always works when you have something to offer. In this case, it would be collateral such as property, valuables, antiques, gold or stocks. You have to be prepared for a higher interest rate, as banks can afford to spend a loan despite insufficient creditworthiness. Of course, you know very well that the claimant will not simply say no to the inflated offer. The loan without fixed income therefore remains difficult and is certainly not super cheap to get.