Already a single private credit entry makes it difficult to take out a loan, since most financial institution reject loan applications in this case without further examination. The lending-free loan from Switzerland or Liechtenstein is only partially an alternative, since the loan amount in this case may not be more than – depending on the bank – 3500 or 5000 euros.

For larger amounts, however, there is the possibility to successfully apply for the required loan through a credit intermediary without private credit. There is no risk in the appointment of a reputable agent, as this requires money only for a successful activity.

Credit intermediaries help loan seekers

Loans are provided for both real estate financing and consumer loans from credit intermediaries even without private credit. There is a difference with regard to the payment of the remuneration to the service provider: In the case of consumer credit, this is always assumed by the borrower, whereas in real estate financing, even without private credit, it is often borne by the banks. The reputability of an intermediary can easily identify loan applicants who are dependent on a debt-free loan. He works reputably if he only charges his customers a reasonable commission for successful credit brokerage.

The demand for payment of pre-cost, however, is always a clear indication against the seriousness of the credit service provider dar. This is not only inadmissible, but also associated with the risk that the mediator is not seriously concerned about a loan, but mainly on the revenue from the Pre-cost is interested. A reputable credit intermediary, on the other hand, advocates for its customers. Finally, he acquires his claim to commission with the payment of the desired loan.

A significant advantage of taking out a loan through a non-private credit credit intermediary is that higher amounts are possible than with a direct application for credit by the interested party to a Swiss bank. Swiss and Liechtenstein loans can also be raised via an external service provider for sums of more than 5,000 euros. Even loan seekers who do not meet all the conditions for direct lending can receive a Swiss loan through a non-private credit credit intermediary.

The credit intermediary performs a credit comparison

The services of a credit intermediary include soliciting and comparing various loan offers. In the case of schail-free loans, the service provider asks not only Swiss and Liechtenstein banks, but also financial institutions from other countries. He submits the best or several good offers to the client depending on the agreement.

If there is only one soft negative entry, a good credit intermediary proposes that, in addition to private credit-free loans, loans should also be included in the search despite private credit. Individual domestic financial institutions do not generally reject lending with only a soft negative credit rating, but examine the individual case. Loans despite, but with private credit are mostly cheaper than loans without solicitation.

Increase the chances and make the credit intermediary clear guidelines

Even if consumers apply for a loan through a non-private credit credit intermediary, each bank inquires before the award decision to conduct a household bill. While the claims for these are often lower than for applications submitted directly by the credit customer, the regular receipt of monthly loan installments must be ensured. For this reason, the selection of a sufficiently long repayment period lends itself. This reduces the amount of monthly loan installments and thus facilitates the bank’s positive credit decision.

Customers with additional income receive their loans through the credit intermediary without private credit not usually from a Swiss, but from another foreign bank, as the Swiss financial institutions generally do not take such income into account in the budget. On the selection of a suitable financial institution, the credit intermediary pays attention. For the loan to be found, the client can specify the service provider. He should make use of this possibility. Loans are recommended, which include the right to free special repayments as well as the possibility of an occasional installment suspension.

The right to early repayments exists for consumer loans, even without a corresponding contract clause. However, the lender may charge prepayment interest in this case. In the case of real estate financing via a non-private credit credit intermediary, the right to pay premature repayments may even be restricted to special situations such as home sales. Ideally, loan seekers will advise the intermediary, in addition to the maximum monthly monthly rate, that loan proposals should be linked to flexible repayment options.